"Commercially sound insulation for the building services sector"


What We Do

Through our insulation we aim to;

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce heat loss and heat transfer
  • Control condensation formation
  • Alleviate the spread of water based disease
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Lower carbon footprints and energy wastage

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Site Supervision

Our company structure allows two members from the board of directors to be present on our sites at all times.

The arrangement enables us to liaise with our clients on site and make real time decisions as and where is necessary.

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Estimates & Pricing

Our estimating service is dedicated to provide our clients with clear and comprehensive quotations.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that any technical queries are addressed before our prices are submitted.

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Site Surveys

Our site measuring service aims to provide cost effective solutions for a wide range of mechanical installations.

Foxdon draws from over two decades of commercial experience, with a proven track record of providing our clients with compliant commercially sound insulation.

To book a site survey please call 01993 775189  

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Our Typical Scope Of Works


Ductwraps and duct slabs in a range of thicknesses 25m - 50mm with protective finishes if required. (Featured finish, plain aluminium sheet metal) Specialist acoustic insulation available at request


Mineral Fibre, Phenolic Foam and Nitrile Rubber insulation available with a range of protective finishes including but not limited to, aluminium cladding, isogenopak & polyisobutelene

Valves & Flanges

Purpose made flexible jackets, lined aluminium boxes and mineral ductwraps. Subject to site survey.

Tanks & Vessels

High temperature and heavy density wraps, 40mm - 100mm, protective cladding available at request.